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Company History
TVC Marketing Associates, Inc., is owned and operated by Mr. Virgil Coffee.  The company was incorporated in 1987 and the home office is in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  TVC Marketing Associates, Inc., offers a variety of membership service packages.  Since the inception, all memberships are sold by independent marketing representatives .  As a representative with TVC Marketing Associates, you have an opportunity to sell memberships or become a team leader by providing training and leadership to your team.

Mr.  Coffee's background includes a long tenure as a salesman, business owner, leader, trainer and entrepreneur.  Prior to TVC Marketing Associates, Inc., Mr. Coffee, has a long history with MLM or Network Marketing.  He was the marketing arm of the original Pre-Paid Legal, taking the company for about 1.3 million in collected revenue to well over 47 million in a short period of time.  

TVC Marketing, Inc., first membership packages were designed for over the road professional drivers in the division known as TVC Pro-Driver.  The focus was to assist the driver with a legal service plan designed to protect their CDL or commercial drivers license.

Mr. Coffee has purchased several motor club companies as they became available and added them to the TVC Marketing Associates, Inc. venue of products and services available today.  At the present time, TVC Marketing has 6 locations throughout Oklahoma as well as locations in various other States. TVC Marketing has several divisions with all operations being conducted from the home office

In 1993 Mr. David Kircher, a long time business associate with Mr. Coffee, joined the team as Vice President of Motor Clubs.

The background history of MCA, Motor Club of America, one of the motor clubs owned and operated by TVC Marketing Associates, Inc.   . 

1926 MCA was founded by Mr. William W. Green.  The motor club service was a family held company until the death of Mr. Green.  At that time the family decided to sell the company and it was purchased by TVC Marketing in 1997.  It continues to operate under the member plans as originally written for existing members.

By 2000 all the operations of MCA had been moved to Oklahoma City, Ok., where all services are provided from the corporate offices.

In  October, 2011, MCA was upgraded to enhance 5 membership packages and additional benefit services.

Again, In September 2012, the addition of the matrix with the two newest additions to the membership.

We welcome you to the TVC Marketing Associates, Inc., family of independent contractors.  You are in business for yourself but not by yourself.

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