TVC-MCA Training Info

Associate Bonuses and Matrix Reward

When you increase the number of memberships you personally write or refer you give yourself a raise.  
You earn $80 on 1-4 members with on going pay  
5-9 is $82
10-14 is $84
15-19 is $86
20-29 earns $88 
30 or more you earn $90  
The amounts are slightly different on each plan 
$9.95 is base of $40.00 
$14.95 it is $60. 
The amount of increase is based on the membership sold please see your compensation plan in the MCA training manual for complete details.


You can earn Health or Car Bonus by having a membership of $19.95 or greater which is set up on an ongoing payment method.   You also need to have a certain number of qualified sales each month. 
$100 = 45 memberships per month or an average of 11.25 memberships a week
$213 = 65 memberships per month or an average of 16.25 memberships a week
$380 = 85 memberships per month or an average of 21.25 memberships a week
$480 = 105 memberships per month or an average of 26.25 memberships a week
$525 = 190 memberships per month or an average of 47.5 memberships a week
$600 = 250 memberships per month or an average of 62.5 memberships a week

For complete details please see page 12 of your MCA training manual.

PLATINUM and GOLD Matrix Income

Having a Total Security Platinum or Gold membership provides the member the ability to earn RESIDUAL Reward dollars and Matrix Check Matching on their own personal referral's and the referral's referring members.  You can earn 100% Matching Reward Dollars on your 1st and 2nd Generation.  YOUR MATRIX MEMBERSHIP MUST BE ACTIVE in order to receive matrix reward income.  The matrix fills left to right as shown in the example below.  If you add a team member BEFORE you get your matrix, that team member will fall into the first available spot of the person above you.  You will want to ALWAYS make sure you have your matrix plan BEFORE adding a matrix membership.  If you are upgrading, please make sure you give the computer system time to add you in the matrix tree PRIOR to adding a new matrix member.  Please allow 24 hours.  You can find examples of payout per line on the matrix.  Remember, each team member adds memberships under their matrix tree in the number one, two or three position.