TVC-MCA Training Info

How does the matrix work? 
Only Qualification to receive Matrix Reward is to have a matrix membership that is kept current with the monthly payment.
Every membership creates its own matrix.  When I purchased my membership immediately I was placed in my sponsor's matrix.  If I sponsored my first three that started three branches to my matrix tree.  Whether I had sponsored the first three or someone in the five generations above me sold a matrix membership which fell into one of my first three positions, my matrix begin to fill.  Each of my first three pay positions when they sell a matrix plan are growing the tree they are in.  If they never write a membership, the spill over flow down system will create growth and income from team members above.  Every membership falls to the first available spot filling from left to right.  If you personally refer THREE people to a Platinum Plan, the next month each person does the same this continues three get three and you could have your matrix completely filled in as little as 11 months (as the chart above shows.)  Regardless, you earn each month on ever line in your matrix and on every person whether the line is full or not.  Matrix reward is calculated the 15th of each month.  It pays with your regular MCA pay the first Friday after it is calculated.  You can see the amount in your web site under the account tab, then transaction history.    Should you have a debit balance, half of the reward will be applied to reduce the total.  The example shown is based on the Platinum Plan.  The Gold Matrix Plan will pay half of what is shown.  For complete detail refer to your training manual in your TVC Matrix back office.
Uni-Level Pay - paying on more than one level in your organization with a small qualification
Uni-level pay is what you earn on EVERY membership you sale.  Whether it is the $9.95; $14.95;$19.95;$29.99 or $39.99 plan.  The example shown above is based on Total Security Platinum; Total Security Gold or the Total Security Plan.
Uni-level is your membership sales paying advanced commission.  As you can see, when you refer a paying member and the payment is set up on a bank issued debit or credit card you will earn an advance of $80.
Uni-level means when the person you personally sponsored makes a sale, you earn an advance of $6 on every membership.
On levels 2-5 you earn monthly as the membership is paid with a small qualification.  See your TVC Matrix training manual for complete details.