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Promoting Your Business
Facebook:  The second most visited website in the world.  Don't have a FaceBook account?  It's free!  You may wish to set a business account up as well.  

First, focus on your friends.  Please don't spam or you will be blocked. Ask your friend to like your comment or page.  CAUTION:  If you are adding your link so people can go to your page, be sure to take off the auto link as it does NOT have your user name on it.  Go back, type it correct then post.  Once liked you can 1 plus which will take your info to everyone else's friends or their entire group of friends which means thousands of people can see your post.  It cost a few dollars but well worth it.

Another Great Business Building tool. Once you register all training videos are provided by IBO Toolbox.  This site has great suggestions to help you promote and market on line.

Posting ad's on Craig's List

What to say in an ad and the top 10 places to post: