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Prospect Scripts
​ Motor Club of America Trainer 
There are three things that people want from a problem solver:

1). An adequate solution-
Adequate does not mean inferior, it just means that the product or 
service will work as promised or better. When marketing the biz-op
they want it to make money as quickly as possible with the 
potential to grow steadily.

2). A Trusting Relationship-
Faith that the company is offering a great value and that the product 
Or service is in high demand; they also must feel especially confident 
that their sponsor is totally able to teach them everything they need to 
know to not only duplicate the sponsors’ success, but to have a very easy,
teachable, step by step system in place that will insure their success in 
teaching their recruits the same success formula they were shown when they    
began their adventure with the company; and

3). State their USP (Unique Selling Proposition), what is a USP you might ask?
It is the ability to state, in 30 seconds or less, why the prospect should choose
to do business with you instead of anyone else seemingly offering the same 

My USP is:

“I offer folks who choose to join MCA through my sponsorship A Proven System,
used by Million Dollar Producers, all the way from only speaking with prospects
who have asked to be contacted regarding having a home based business to word 
for word scripts with what to say as we determine if we are a good fit for each other. 
Another major thing that sets us apart is that we absolutely DO NOT convince, chase,
bug or beg anyone to join us, ever.”

Voice Mail Script:

When you call and get their voice mail, this is what you say: 

“Hi, this is ____ ______, and I’m reaching out for ___ _____, (Full Name).
I understand you recently inquired online about making an additional
income from home. If you are still searching, I have something I want
to show you; you may or may not be interested, it will take about
20 minutes. My number is xxx-xxx-xxxx and the best time to reach 
me is _____. If you’d rather I call you back at a better time, my email
is _____________. I look forward to speaking with you.”

Opening Script: (Memorize this so that it is totally natural).

“Hi ________, this is _________, I understand you recently inquired
online about making an additional income from home. What are you
Looking to do?” 

Take a couple of minutes and let them tell you their story. Guide them to their real WHY by asking, “Is there anything else you haven’t mentioned?”

Let them answer. Then say,

“_______, if I could get you some information that would help you solve the problem, (repeat it back to them), would you want it?”  
Their response. 
If “no”, thank them, say good bye and hang up. Go to the next one.
If “yes”, continue with, “When would you want it?”
If they want it now, tell them,


“______, I have something I want to show you.
You may or may not be interested. This isn’t for everyone; but even 
if you don’t think it’s a good fit I bet you’ll love the service.” And
“It will take about 20 uninterrupted minutes”
**Don’t add or take away any words from the statements.

They are Magic!

If they cannot give 20 uninterrupted minutes now, then ask them 
to give you a call when they can. 

Take them to YOUR web site or YOUR video or a favorite you tube video.

* You want to be sure that they have successfully reached the video 
before hanging up the phone so they can watch.
Just before hanging up the phone say, “_______, 
after watching this, if you see there’s an opportunity here for you or if 
you have questions, I welcome hearing from you. 
Here you will have different reactions.  Some will be ready to go NOW.  

Others want to wait:

Don’t worry ______,
I promise not to try selling you anything. I would be delighted to help 
you reach and surpass your financial goals, but ______, that decision
is totally yours. Here’s my phone xxx-xxx-xxxx(Have them repeat it).

OK, enjoy.