TVC-MCA Training Info

Referral Income or Commission Income
Commission is generated when you refer a member who purchases any MCA -TVC product.  The amount you earn is based on the membership selected as well as the payment type.

When you refer the Total Security, Total Security Gold or Total Security Platinum Plan which is set up on an ongoing payment method (not a cash loaded card) you earn an $80 advanced commission.  The advance is an approximate 17 month advance of when the monthly premium was collected or the monthly earned commission amount is $4.62 each month.  The plans each have a monthly value of $19.95, $29.99 or $39.99. If a referral pays with a cash loaded card you will earn as earned commission or 2 months at $9.24. As long as cash is on the card you will be paid each month and at the end of 17 months, you will have earned the full $80.

A data processing fee is applied to your weekly auto deposit based on the amount you are earning.  It is $3 for the first $100 and continues at $3 per hundred up to a maximum amount of $15.

Override income which is income generated by having team members, is paid in addition to your personal earnings on memberships sold.  When you have a team member that you have personally sponsored have a paying referral, you earn $6 override advance commission and an additional as earned bonus of $1.32.  You will earn as earned overrides on levels 2-5 in the amount of .66 cents per member. After the fast start  ends a small qualification will apply.

*A new associate in their first 3 months of membership is exempt from qualification
*Any associate with a PGV Count of 36 in the previous month will earn all commissions due.  To learn more, please see your TVC Training Manual in your TVC Matrix website.  

When someone enrolls with you the information will show immediately in your back office.  To find this information,  you will need to go to your TVCmatrix website and log in.  Next, go to the blue associate tab, then sales.  The sales will show valid or on hold.  If a bank account it will usually be on hold until the enrollee calls in to verify information to associate services.  866-467-2221 ext. 1.  Checking accounts usually take an additional week to process however, it is worth the wait to have a great long term customer.  

You can see your personal sales which have processed and will be paying in the appropriate week by logging into your back office. You will need to go to the blue associate tab, then sales.  The sale will show valid or on hold.  Once processed which will show on Wednesday or Thursday of the next week  you will see the actual amount you will be receiving.  The total will reflect the type payment method.  An example would be a $19.95 or greater membership on a valid on going payment method will be $80.  The same sale made on a cash card will reflect $9.46.  You will be able to see the total  payment under the  blue associate tab, associate payments

United States and Puerto Rico
Your direct deposit form has to be on file with TVC Marketing, in order for your pay to be direct deposited into your bank account.  There are no paper checks.

You will need to contact Lynn with associate services.  866-467-2221 ext. 579 to set up PayPal account for payments to be sent to you.

When you receive your $80 advance commission the amount is based on a person staying with the membership being paid for 17 months.  Should someone cancel prior to 17 months the chargeback will be pro-rated based on the months payment was collected.  It is NEVER taken out of your bank account.  It will be collected from future earnings so the amount would be reduced by $4.64 for each month the membership payment was made.  You will always earn at least half of your weekly commission.  Any remaining charge back amount is placed on your debit balance.  To avoid chargebacks you can earn a charge back bonus.  Please see the TVC Training Manual for additional details.